Production Facilities

QST Naveena primarily aims towards taking care of our customers’ present needs along with creating products to suit the new demands of an ever evolving fashion industry. Presently, we are manufacturing trim components for pants, shirts, jackets, jeans and other clothing items as per customer specifications.


QST Naveena designs waistbands for any fashion, style or manufacturing application.


Pocketing is available in a wide variety of 100% cotton and poly/cotton blends. Pocketing are designed especially for a vast range of clothing varieties from tough wearing work pants to luxurious fabrics for high quality suits. Pocketing is washable and dry cleanable. Pocketing varieties available include dress, casual, jean and fashion pocketing.

Placement Printing

QST Naveena is the leader of direct placement printing of die cut pocket shapes in Pakistan.

Sonic Sealed Pre-Cut Back Pockets

Back pocket fray is eliminated by sonic sealing fabric edges. It also eliminates fabric buildup created by serging to prevent unsightly marks on finished garment during final pressing.

Clean, smooth,
pocket edges
Raw cut edge and 
frayed yarns

Construction Components - Men’s Pants

  1. Fly Lining
  2. Front Pocket Bag
  3. Hip Pocket with Sonic-Sealed Inner Edges
  4. Pleated Waistband Curtain Liner
  5. BAN-ROL® 520 Soft-Finish
  6. EDGE-CONTROLTM Waistband Fusible
  7. Sewing Tab
  8. POLYASTRO Soft Waistband Support
  9. Resin Sealed & Bonded Belt-Loop