Quality Control

Right from incoming yarn to fabric shipment, inspection and testing is performed at every stage of the production process. Yarn is tested for every detail like count, blend, and strength along with any other imperfections before issuance for production. Furthermore, fabric is under constant inspection during the entire production process. Final inspection is carried out before packing. 

Hereunder is a comprehensive list of the high-end equipment used in our labs along with the standard operating procedures that are being followed 

Equipment Procedure Standard
Wrapping Reel  <Empty>
Strength Tester  <Empty>
Grammage Cutter ASTM D-3776 (1996 Version)
Digital Weighing Balance GLX series UV light box for contamination testing  <Empty>
Titan 510 Strength Tester, Tensile 
(James H. Heal)
ASTM D-5034 (1995 version)
Titan 510 Strength Tester, Seam Slippage (James H. Heal) ASTM D-434 (1995 version)
NU Martindale 406, Abrasion & Pilling Tester (James H. Heal) ASTM D-3512 (1996 version)
Almatear, Tear Strength Tester 
(James H. Heal)
ASTM D-2261 (1996 version)
Quickwash Plus TM (Model EC 300, USA) AATCC 187 (2000 version)
Crockmeter AATCC 8 (1996 version)
PH meter (Jenway) AATCC 81 (1996 version)